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What happens when a woman is seduced by the possibility of success and power? What happens when drugs and an affair cross her path?

Suffocating in her unsophisticated hometown of Grayton, Pennsylvania, Jayden is questioning why she left Tel Aviv and her adventurous lifestyle.

After embarking on a cutthroat career path, her appetite for success becomes so ravenous that she will undertake whatever is necessary to become the ultimate power player.

Sneaking a stimulant here and there becomes habitual. Flirtatious and seemingly innocent text messages delve into an illicit romance. In a quest for beauty, Jayden equally abuses the elliptical at the gym and the ice-cream in the freezer. Jayden slowly alienates her childhood friends. Who has time for friends when there’s money to be made?

Enter Alex, the local womanizing bar owner who seems to have a knack for getting under Jayden’s skin.

At the end of the day, Jayden is forced to confront the ultimate match in her pursuit of perfection: herself.

Don't Kiss & Sell

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Not all the fun happens in Hollywood. A cross between Sex & the City and Entourage, West of the 405 follows four women who have hit the big 3-0 living on LA's Westside. They're doing what women who are finally hitting their stride in their careers: dating the wrong men and drinking too much during the week. But what happens when the real obstacles hit? 

West of the 405


Reader Reviews

If you like sassy chick lit, this book is for you. The main character, Jayden, says or thinks all of those crazy, sassy comments and comebacks that many young women think but might not be bold enough to say. Jayden is relatable and funny; actually had me laughing out loud. It’s an easy read but addresses some tough subjects that aren’t so uncommon in today’s world. I’d recommend this book.

"Sassy Chic Lit"

- Amazon Reader

Super fun, light beach read! This is definitely the book you want in your bag this summer. It keeps you engaged and entertained. It's a great book that any 20-something female (or formerly 20-something like myself) can relate to. Definitely recommending it to my friends. Hey Hollywood, this would make a great movie.

I haven’t shed a tear reading a book since I was 13 and read To Kill a Mockingbird for the first time... Jayden is a modern day Boo Radley, this book is a revelation, Jillian is headed for big things.

"Best read of 2019"

Tom, Amazon Reader


About the Author


Jillian is attempting to write an author bio that sounds witty without being overly bragging or self-deprecating. Please feel free to check back soon for the polished piece. 



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